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Abusive RelationshipsAsk yourself these questions:

  • Does your partner get jealous or angry when you spend time with friends or family?
  • Does your partner constantly check up on you?
  • Does your partner text or call you excessively and get upset if you don’t respond?
  • Does your partner monitor your email or profile on a social networking site?
  • Does your partner need to know where you are most of the time?
  • Does your partner put you down, but then tell you he/she loves you?
  • Do you feel like you have to justify everything to your partner?
  • Does your partner try to impose restrictions on the way you dress or your appearance?
  • Does your partner restrain you to keep you from leaving during an argument?
  • Have you been held down, shoved, pushed, hit, kicked, or had things thrown at you by your partner?
  • Has your partner forced or intimated you into having sex?
  • Are you afraid to break up with your partner because you fear for your personal safety?

There is NO excuse for abuse!

Abuse is not part of a normal relationship, even if it doesn't happen every day. You do not deserve to be abused no matter what he or she says!

Domestic Violence is a pattern of behaviors used as an attempt to gain power and control over another person. It includes physical abuse such as hitting and pushing, verbal abuse such as threats and name calling, emotional abuse such as insults and isolation, and sexual abuse such as forced sexual intercourse or blackmail. The  violence often increases in severity as the relationship continues.